Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Scheduled Scripting Jobs: from Documentum to OnBase 11

One of the biggest surprises of working with OnBase was when I couldn’t find a way to run a scheduled job to execute a script. As simple as it sounds, there’s way out of the box way to run a script when you want.

So here’s what I did to work around this:

First Solution: scheduling a scan queue sweep to fire off a VB script


  • Put an empty file in a shared directory
  • Set up a scan queue to sweep in the file
  • Hooked the VB script to run on commit of the scanned batch which was configured to go through automatically
  • Scheduled the scanning to run every 10 minutes


This worked ok, but was a kludge.

Second Solution: create a looping lifecycle with one doc in it that went in circles


  • Create a lifecycle with a work queue and a timer
  • Add a Unity script to the timer’s action
  • Add a doc to the workflow to trigger the timer and script execution


So far, so good

Hope this helps those of you who are stumped like me why this is not built into the product.