Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Backup the ECM Dump Truck

Enterprise Content Management systems that are primarily used to store files for retrieval can be thought of as a land fill. A content dump is a place where you put stuff that doesn’t go anywhere else. The content might as well be in a file server because it is not being enhanced – back up the dump truck.

Financial companies like to connect their transaction based applications to supporting documents that reside in the ECM. They purchase big name ECM systems to get assure that SOX regulations are covered. The only link to the content is by a common ID. The content itself is isolated – back up the dump truck.

Pharma companies use ECM’s for the FDA approval stamp. They can push controlled content through and be done with it – back up the dump truck.

In Healthcare EMRs, content is king, except when it costs too much to convert the paper into out-of-scope electronic forms – back it up.

Supposedly these dumps will be sifted and organized by BIG data. Like real land fills, after capping them you can tap into the natural gas...