Monday, March 22, 2010

eDiscovery’s Promise Is Dependent on Your Enterprise’s Laziness

eDiscovery solutions are predicated on your company’s lack of cohesive and best information management practices. If you read any eDiscovery software solution’s proposal it will not mention how to fix the issues of inadequate metadata structures, lack of auditing, risks of pre-ediscovery spoliation. They will not tell you to get organized and clean house. They’ll say information governance is impossible to keep track of, that information growth is out of control. They’ll all be lawyers and MBAs and be able to pontificate extremely well about your issues, but do they really want you to help you where you really need it?

If I was selling software they was really a search tool and a legal CYA process would I be interested in telling how to create an Enterprise Metadata Repository? Do creditors want you to save money? Managing your content requires standards, conventions, governance, and compliance. MoReq is an EU set of standards for records management that basically outlines the keys to eDiscovery freedom.

Without the discipline and perseverance that is necessary to push these throughout your company you’ll be stuck with an eDiscovery application infiltrating your email, ECM repositories, file shares, etc. It’s a matter of how you want outsiders to carte blanch access to your information. If you know where everything is then you’ll be able to clearly define and execute the information discovery without a whole sale fishing expedition on all of your seemingly sensitive information. Most importantly you’ll know what needs to be disposed of!

So what’s it going to be a house of hoarders, or an extreme home makeover?

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0s0-Pa said...

Sure will be interesting to see how eDiscovery evolves as the digital age continues to evolve, with larger volumes of data being stored practically everywhere.