Thursday, December 16, 2010

Records Management comparison of Sharepoint vs. Opentext vs. Documentum

Here's a rough records management functional and design comparison matrix based on Sharepoint 2010's offering out-of-the-box:



Open Text Content Server

Documentum 6.x

Document IDs

New in 2010

Docid in dversdata

r_object_id, i_chronicle_id

Document Sets

Tab in UI, custom page, properties of set and content list

Folders, Projects, Collections, Virtual Folders, Reports,
Web Reports, Custom View

Folders, Change Sets, and WDK customizations
Virtuals Docs

Auto Tag hierarchy

Library >
Content Types

Folder >
RM Classifications

Folders >
Object types


Configurable, multi lingual, terms easily changed

Classifications and categories/metadata

Categories and translations

Content Organizer

A “transparent process” which routes content based on
attribute values

Folder Provisioning

RM Classifications

Customization or DCM or Taskspace
or xCP solution
Smart Folders
File Plan in RM

Tag doc properties during creation

Transparent while writing in MSWord, term suggestions

Picks up basic MS Word properties

Picks up basic MS Word properties

In place Records Management

Declare from list

Declare from properties on standard UI

Declare from attributes or dropdown on standard UI

File Plan

Site level, content number, policy, content types

RM Classification on folders, categories, and content

Configuration in RPS or RM

Multi Stage Policy

Review Cycles
Apply retention to folders (libraries?) or content types

Record Series Identifiers are configured to handle actions
by certain criteria in doc properties

Lifecycle actions, folder inheritance, content type, TBO/SBO,

Applying Holds

Search and apply
In place or move

Part of RM module



Clustered, sticky session

Session is lost when a node goes down

Clustered, sticky session


SanderHendriks said...

Thanks for the nice comparison john.
I am just starting to dive into SharePoint, so this is very useful.

I have a lot of exprerience with Documentum, so I have a few suggestions to add to the Documentum side of the comparison:

- for Document Sets you could consider Virtual Documents and Document Relationships.
- Content Organizer sounds like Smart Folders to me, or perhaps the File Plan in RM ?


Sander Hendriks

John F Webber said...

Thanks Sander. I put your tips into the comparison.

Martin Sumner-Smith said...

Version 10 of OpenText Content Server has multilingual support for metadata

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