Saturday, September 24, 2011

DCTM Outage Scenarios

Outage Windows
Typically, weekend outage times are acceptable to users of the system. These times will be used to deploy most fixes or upgrades.

Each server has specific requirements for OS upgrades as well as application upgrades. These upgrades may require downtime. Separate evaluations will have to be done by reviewing the risk matrix to determine the amount of integration dependencies.

Server Failures and VM Clones
Services on servers fail for a variety of reasons. Each server should have a recovery policy associated with it. For example, a clone of each server could be maintained for fast recovery of that particular server.

Routine Maintenance
Occasionally, patches will be applied to DCTM software installations. These patches may require restarting the services.

For problems with individual applications on servers, a procedure for fixing the issue in development, testing in Validation, and deploying to Production will be followed.

The SLA required by the GxP rules state that 4 hours is acceptable. This means that HA for the DCTM is not required.

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