Wednesday, February 29, 2012

D2 built on ruins

The "new" D2 client from Documentum is similar to how the Native Americans of Chaco Culture built their pueblos on the ruins of previous structures. EMC seems to like to reinvent the UI wheel every few years. To make our day to day lives a little easier. D2 is their latest attempt to make the UI configurable, flexible, and relevant to today's expectations in client software.

Chaco Culture: Pueblo Bonito

I am not going to dive into the improvements of D2. Let's just say there are many and it's about time. What I will say is that, like Sharepoint, D2 represents a progressive layer of understanding of how users use software to store, describe, and use content. It's another step up the ladder of awareness and better technology to get the tools into the hands of the users who need them.

Will D2 leapfrog Sharepoint as the slick configurator of content management UIs? I doubt it, but it will eventually help with migrations and maintaining consistency with platform upgrades, assuming that it is well tested. This is a big assumption. Speaking of migrations: there's a lot of work to be done moving WDK to D2. All of those customizations out there, all of the tireless hours of converting TBOs...

So the question is do existing customers leap to D2 or do they hold onto their WDK foundations until the last supported release is a year old? If the customer is an old timer (more than 5 years with DCTM) chances are good they will analyze the cost of migrating to D2 vs. another CMS. The leap may be too much to make. It might be cheaper to migrate to open source or another CMS, or DCTM 7.0 might be a must have. I'm hoping for the latter.

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