Friday, July 10, 2015

ECM Moving Across the Silos of Information Management in Healthcare

Information silos are commonplace in every industry. They tend grow around concentrations of knowledge/experience collectors and “best of breed” applications. Because enterprise content management usually spans across these silos, we as ECM solution providers get a unique insight into how work.

Take scanning solutions in Healthcare for example, you get exposure into not only financial and HR applications, but EMR, interface, and lab apps. Once you have gained trust among the managers of these applications and have implemented ECM across them, you will begin to see the potential synergies. One potential synergy could be to combine Informatics, HIM, and ECM under one director to be able to fully realize the full patient information potential.

Let’s say for this example that Informatics is underfunded, HIM is well funded, and ECM is okay. By combining budgets and focusing on common goals, the patient as well as the hospital’s image will undoubtedly benefit. By providing ECM with a direction base on requirements coming from what patients need, the emphasis and objectives will be clear and hopefully funding will be well justified and measurable. 

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