Sunday, October 25, 2015

Zombie ECM

ECM: not alive and not dead, walking towards sounds and smells. On autopilot to get to the next big event. What do you have with information management that does not have adequate quality? You have zombie ECM systems marching toward something.

We like to think this something is for the greater good. A place where healthcare can find their data and get paid, where financial institutions can store their signatures, where pharma can follow the regulations. Without more information quality checks and balances, this greater good looks more like zombie land where we only do what the standards and regulations say, nothing more. We trudge along and wait for the next upgrade, for the next event, the next big thing.

Does everyone feel that they are doing the best quality work on implementing their systems? What would be a better way of designing ECM? How can you improve on how your process works, how solutions get implemented? Why doesn't Gartner have an info quality quadrant their ECM leaders?

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