Monday, March 14, 2016

Browsers Ride the Upgrade Wave

Many times after implementing an ECM solution, or upgrading, Users come out of the woodwork and complain about issues using the system. Wait, the testing phase took a month and was meticulous. Did you fully inventory the User base? Did the Windows group really give you all of the possible Web browser apps and versions which access the site?

Detection Tools

Webserver Logs

Analyzing the current web server logs should reveal the web browser spectrum. For a certain amount of time before analysis, the logging configuration may have to be changed to increase the details.

Traffic sniffers

Wireshark or Fiddler can be used to detect http traffic into the web server. Details of web browsers can be gleaned from these logs.

Full disclosure beyond CYA

There are always pockets of non compliance in your organization. Even if you have identified them, they may push back with reasons why they can't upgrade their web browser, usually because they work with a system that needs to be upgraded as well.

Upgrade Wave

Chances are good that your IT review board does not orchestrate all system upgrades to web browser type and version. They typically pay attention to the most expensive and complex, leaving the ancillary applications to fend for themselves. Wouldn't it make sense for all applications to be orchestrated at the User level first? That is to list out all systems based on browser compatibility?

Before Interoperability

Of course, one of the key aspirations of "interoperability" of large systems is mapping and synchronization data, however, this can't happen without seamless coordination of web browser types and version to assure User access to the information.

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