Friday, October 16, 2009

Composer and ACHells

Hosed by Composer again! This time trying to install Permission Set from Dev to Test Repositories:


  • Dev Repository name: LoserDev
  • Dev Repository Domain User: LoserDev
  • Test Repository name: LoserTest
  • Test Repository Domain User: LoserTest

  1. Created a Permission set in Dev, which set the ACL domain as LoserDev which corresponded to the LoserDev install parameter in Composer.
  2. Installed it into LoserDev and everything unit tested fine.
  3. Went to install the dar file to the LoserTest repository and got an error: “user LoserDev does not exist in Repository”.
  4. ** Don’t be tempted to create the user in the repository. This will allow the dar to install, but will really confuse the UI with ACLs that kind of work, but not really.
  5. Went back to the LoserDev Project and opened the LoserDev install parameter, typed in “dm_dbo” into the default value box, saved it, and created another dar.
  6. Went to install the dar file to LoserTest: same error. What the?
  7. Went back to LoserDev Composer project, check the LoserDev install parameter and the default value was blank. Hmmm.
  8. Type the default value into the user parameter value of dm_dbo again and hit the enter key. Ahha! Saved it, created the dar and the install to LoserTest worked.

Bottom line: In Composer make sure you have an asterix * in the tab, to guarantee that your work is getting saved to the underlying xml file which is used to create the dar file.

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Anonymous said...

If you're using 6.5 SP2 you might find this 'feature' affects other artefacts too. We found that if we had more than one object type open we had to switch file tabs before the * would appear and allow the file to be saved.