Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ARMA and Enterprise 2.0

Ron Miller is right on when he’s reporting on the ARMA and Enterprise 2.0 shows and how their relationship to each other is getting closer. I agree with most of his analysis, but as far as the responsibility and control of this relationship happening at the content management application level I disagree. ECM vendors have been trying to reign in this relationship for a number of years now and do not seem to the have the agility or will to invest in the fast moving Ent. 2.0 software realm.

Take, for example, Documentum’s records management offering. Their federated records management (FRM) solution is interesting and heading in the right direction, but falls short of commitment from EMC. The technology behind the solution was created by a third party. Tell me any storage management company that owns an ECM software suite has a strong records management solution which is backed by top quality professional services? It is in the company’s interest to provide half hearted attempted at solving one of the biggest issues that legal and information management teams have: how to find content and get rid of it in a rules-base, systematic way. Do oil companies really want to provide alternative energy solutions?

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