Friday, November 5, 2010

Flip this ECM Stack

Mike Alsup’s SharePoint and Records Management presentation got me thinking why not take the traditional ECM application stack and flip it upside down. I don't mean to be flip, but it's time to morph ECM into another set of solutions altogether. You’d have storage, records management, and archiving control through rules on top. Now think of these applications as goals, requirements and metadata which make a blueprint for the enterprise. The principle of this flip would be to drive consistency and efficiencies down through the enterprise of applications based on rules.

There’s no such thing as an enterprise application, an enterprise of apps is governed by new mechanisms like Boiko’s entities which have metadata repositories, identity, and apps which run models of rules, all of which are mutually exclusive, yet related and agile. These islands of entities are related to each other and connected by services at varying levels of complexity. CMIS is focused on inoperability, but is an add-on standard to the existing stacks of ECM. It’s time to unwind the stacks even more and create flexible models for governance, retention schedules, rules like 21 CFR part 11, etc.

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